Monday, February 27, 2012

Problem with Mediafire & Solution (for now)

Adfly and similar "URL-shortening proxy service" sites are no longer able to properly link to MediaFire-hosted downloadable-content. . .
Many if not every Adfly links pointing to MediaFire-hosted download will lead to MediaFire's main page, containing no download and instead presenting "Drag files here to start uploading" instead of the correct download link.


- Wait adfly's ad-time like you usually do.
- When the "skip this ad" button appears at the corner (like it usually does), Right-Click it.
- One of the options presented should be "Copy link" or "copy link's target". Click it.
- You now have the correct link copied to your computer's "transfer area" (same as if you had done Ctrl+C on something).
- Open a new page in your browser and paste the link.
- Download and be happy! (*3*)~/♥

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